Shangrileeds  –  Helping Build Cohousing in Leeds

What is Cohousing?

In a cohousing development each household has its own home while there also spaces and facilities shared with the other households, e.g. a common house containing shared kitchen, dining room, laundry etc., and often bike sheds, workshop, gardens.

A cohousing development is created and managed by its residents.

See Cohousing Explained for a brief video explanation of cohousing.


We are currently looking for a site on which to build our cohousing community.  Ideally it would within the urban area of Leeds, around an acre in area and have good public transport links.

WHY WE NEED CO-HOUSING – A George Monbiot wrote an article which seems to sum up perfectly what’s wrong with much housing that is currently being built, see here.  Co-housing seems more or less the complete opposite of what’s in the article.

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