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Shangrileeds  –  Helping Build Cohousing in Leeds

What is Cohousing?

In a cohousing development each household has its own home while there also spaces and facilities shared with the other households, e.g. a common house containing shared kitchen, dining room, laundry etc., and often bike sheds, workshop, gardens.

A cohousing development is created and managed by its residents.

See Cohousing Explained for a brief video explanation of cohousing.


We hope to make rapid progress in 2015.  We have chosen a new logo and we have created a new draft recruitment statement for prospective members – read it here.

WHY WE NEED CO-HOUSING – Recently George Monbiot wrote an article which seems to sum up perfectly what’s wrong with much housing that is currently being built, see here.  Co-housing seems more or less the complete opposite of what’s in the article.

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